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The Morgan B2 Bomber collection is designed to bring the highest fighting experience at the best price. Injuries are not uncommon in sparring and training, so Morgan Sports developed their elite level combat sports products to help fighters suit up properly with well-fitted gear to prevent or minimise injury. 

Designed for the highest levels of club and personal use, the B2 Bomber collection enables you to practice and perfect all levels of combat sports training techniques to make yourself competition ready. In addition, the sleek look of matt black material with a high gloss black print is widely popular among the advanced to elite user range because of its sleek and professional look. 

Morgan Sports is one of the most trusted names in boxing and martial arts supplies. We are proud to offer their extensive collection of elite Muay Thai products that are meticulously hand crafted using long lasting leather materials. Its premium construction offers users enhanced protection and the ability to resist the toughest blows. 

Morgan's collection has undergone high levels of R & D and is highly recommended by professionals.